Dr. Saras Prasad


Hello, I am a qualified and licensed Mental Health Professional specialized (MD) in field of Psychiatry after completion of MBBS. Let me know if we can be of any help to you for your mental health related issues.

Neuro-Psychiatrist is a professional who deals with any brain related issues. Neurological issues like headache, epilepsy, tremors, rigidity to Psychiatric issues like depression, anxiety, panic, phobia, OCD, ADHD, Autism, Bipolar, Schizophrenia etc are diagnosed and treated with the help of medicines depending on severity and make a plan of full recovery.
I believe that we professionals in KuntiHealers are dedicated individually to our clients and give them end to end support in their journey from illness to wellness. We may have started this firm in a small scale through self made website but we intend to be utmost professionals and use our rich experience towards our clients. Our services are integrated and holistic.

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